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Diversity of local responses to the impacts of climate change on water


From 05/02/2018 08:00 AM
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International congress center 26 boulevard Heurteloup, 37000 Tours France


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ECRA, European Climate Research Alliance

Chaired by Peter Braesicke, ECRA participated in the CCW 2018 International Conference by collaborating with the MiDi network for a special ECRA session on "Societal challenges related to climate change impacts on the hydrological cycle - Risk analysis, vulnerability and adaptation".

The European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA) aims to strengthen, expand and optimise EU climate research capabilities through the sharing of world-class national facilities in Europe and the collaborative realisation of pan-EU programmes (more information)

Artistic residence of Carole Marchais at the University of Tours and the CNRS Citeres laboratory

The artist accompanies the students of the Master Degree level 2 on Environment Geography and Law to implement artistically the results of their work on the impact of climate change on the vine in the Center-Val de Loire region. Part of the installation was exhibited at VINCI during the conference. (more information)


Global warming strongly affects the functioning of natural, anthropogenic and urban systems.

The thematic research network of laboratories MiDi (Environments and Diversity [Milieux & Diversité]) and the French cluster DREAM (Water and Environments [Eau & Milieux]) organized the international conference : "Climate Change & Water 2018" : diversity of local responses to the impacts of climate change on water (CCW 2018).

Opened by Benoît Faucheux, Vice-President Delegate for energy transition and environment of the Center-Val de Loire Region and by Philippe Vendrix, President of the University of Tours, the objective of this conference, where more than 200 water stakeholders from over 46 countries exchanged, was to show how threats to water can be tackled by illustrating the different impacts of climate change on the water cycle from region to region, from the ecosystem to the biogeographic scale, and taking into account the functional, institutional and socio-political dimensions (administrative territories such as regions, cities etc.; water management agencies; associations, etc.).

This event was a great opportunity for all stakeholders to highlight innovative solutions and / or methods, research and development work, best practices and feedback: plenary sessions and networking throughout the duration of the event.

The international conference on the impacts of climate change on water will be held on February 5, 6 and 7, 2018 at a Congress Center in Tours.


More information about the topics and program of CCW2018 : here

All the abstracts in pdf version : here

Pisctures of CCW 2018 : here

Conférence introductive de Jean Jouzel


A renowned glaciologist and climatologist, Jean Jouzel is CEA's Emeritus Research Director and a member of the Environmental Economic and Social Center and the Academy of Sciences. Co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007, as vice-president of the IPCC, he was also involved in the preparation of the COP21 in Paris.

Currently President of the association Weather & Climate [Météo & Climat], Jean Jouzel also made a remarkable intervention on the need for an urgent awareness of the risks of global warming. Insisting on the young generation with a speech that is both urgent and full of encouragement: "We have the means for this reinvention and there will be a return on investment for the benefit of new activities in the territories.We honor the promise that bears the energy transition law and in particular the reduction of more than 40% of our gas emissions by 2030, we will have generated 900,000 jobs. "

Jean Jouzel joined the round table organized by the ECRA (European Climate Research Alliance) on Monday, February 5 at 17h.