Diversity of local responses to the impacts of climate change on water


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VINCI - International congress center 26 boulevard Heurteloup, 37000 Tours France

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Jean JOUZELWith the presence of Jean JOUZEL, research director emeritus in paleo-climatology at the Laboratory of the sciences of the climate and environment of the Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute (CEA / CNRS / UVSQ).



Global warming alters strongly the functioning of natural, anthropogenic and urban systems. The network of laboratories MiDi (Environments and Diversity) proposes this conference to cover the modifications of the water cycle induced by global change in these various environments. This conference is in partnership, among others partners, especially with the French competitiveness cluster DREAM (Water and Environments). The international conference on climate change on water will be held on February 5, 6 and 7, 2018 at the VINCI International Congress Center in Tours.

The aim of this call for papers is to stimulate exchanges and new developments in the diversity of local responses to the impacts of climate change on water including the biological, technical and societal adaptations. The objective is to understand how are tackled the water challenges by illustrating the diversity of the impacts of climate change on the water cycle from region to region, from the ecosystem to the biogeographic zone, and spanning the functional, institutional or socio-political scales (administrative territories such as region, city etc.; agencies in charge of water management; associations etc.).

Themes :

  • The signals and indices at local scale
  • Understanding the processes and forecasting
  • Adaptations to climate change
  • Managing, governing and strategies

Objects :

  • Water as a resource
  • Water in natural environments
  • Water in agriculture, aquaculture and agroforestry
  • Water in town and industry

This conference is open to both academics and non-academics (e.g., socio-economical partners) that are concerned by the variability in water cycle in the context of climate change.
Four themes and four study objects were defined to treat the question of climate change impacts on water. Communication proposals should cover at least one theme and one object. This structure aims at establishing an interdisciplinary dialogue between the various people involved in these issues: elected representatives, managers, stakeholders and scientists from public research (institutes and universities), governmental organisms, local authority, technical organisms, associations and industries.


Scientific committee

BENABDALLAH S. CERTE - Borj Cédria, Tunisia
BRESSERS H. CSTM - University of Twente, Netherlands
DANGLES O. IRD - Quito, Ecuador
DÖRFLIGER N. BRGM - Orléans, France
GASCUEL C. INRA - Rennes, France
LA JEUNESSE I. CITERES - University of Tours, France - COORDINATION
LUDWIG R. Géographie - University of Munich, Germany
MARTIN E. IRSTEA - Aix-en-Provence, France
MOATAR F. GéHCo - University of Tours, France
PINCEBOURDE S. IRBI - University of Tours, France
QUEVAUVILLER Ph. DH - Univ. libre of Bruxelles (VUB), Belgium
RINAUDO JD. BRGM UMR G-EAU - Montpellier, France

Organizing committee

ARCHAUX F. IRSTEA - Nogent-sur-Vernisson, France
CIRELLI C. CITERES - University of Tours, France
DUPRAZ S. BRGM – Orléans, France
HENAULT C. INRA CVL - Orléans, France
LAGGOUN F. ISTO - University of Orléans, France
LA JEUNESSE I. CITERES - University of Tours, France
MARTOUZET D. CITERES - University of Tours, France
PINCEBOURDE S. IRBI – University of Tours, France
SELLAMI H. CERTE - Borj Cédria, Tunisia
SERVAIN S. INSA CLV, Zone Atelier Loire – Blois, France
TALVA R. DREAM – Orléans, France